Case Studies

Pack brief


As part of a Partnership-wide drive to reduce operating costs and drive efficiencies, John Lewis requested Woodway UK to look at an alternative solution to gold cages used throughout the network. A recent equipment audit of the 16k gold cages in their pool, they found 4k or 25% were currently being used across the Retail Branches as static storage; this puts significant pressure on the NDCs to ensure there were enough gold cages, in each of the distribution sites, to pick and despatch the daily demand of replenishment and Click & Collect customer orders. This became increasingly difficult during peak periods where demands for the equipment in both the distribution centres and the branches increased significantly.


How the pack meets the brief


Woodway designed an alternative cage made from cardboard. The cardboard cage sits securely onto a John Lewis dollie and are designed to be manoeuvred around using an existing dollie handle. Stock sits securely in the cage and is easily accessible using multi height cage fronts. This has resulted in a significant cost saving from switching to the cardboard cages as well as reducing the need to hire additional cages during peak.


How the pack demonstrates excellence and innovation in design and production


This project demonstrates the versatility of the Woodway Technical Team who not only design packaging for products but also design solutions for the Supply Chain. Rather than sourcing an alternative metal cage the team designed one to be made from corrugate to reduce cost, save space and give a flexible solution. The cage was designed to fit securely on the John Lewis dollie by means of a mechanical/friction lock causing no damage to the dollie itself. The cage can be deconstructed and stored flat giving an on demand solution for retail store at peak times and ensures the distribution centres and stores have sufficient cages all year round.

The project has been shortlisted for the Packaging Awards Supply Chain Solution of the Year

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