Case Studies
Frequently the Woodway Team evaluate the packaging to provide additional protection or reduce environmental impact but as online shopping has grown, customers have also looked to Woodway for brand enhancement and improved product design to make packing quicker for the operatives which in turn saves them time and money.

It was for these latter two reasons that Woodway were approached to look at a Hanging Garment Box for M&S. They looked at how they could simplify the design whilst ensuring the final product would enhance the customer experience.

The Hanging Garment Box has the following benefits:

  • Quicker and easier to construct
  • Can be fulfilled one-handed
  • Tear off strip reveals handle for ‘Click & Collect’
  • Stronger than previous design
  • More secure as goods are free from view
  • Enhanced customer experience as branded
This box is being supplied in 2 sizes and by taking an average 6 seconds off packing time per box this is proving to be a huge saving to our customer. Woodway have received Intellectual Property Office Certificate of Registration of Design for the Hanging Garment Box.

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