Case Studies

Woodway have been working closely with a leading OEM to the aerospace and defence sectors reviewing their packaging procedures, in particular their palletisation of boxes.

Key Issues:

  • Not maximising use of space on pallets
  • Gaps between boxes
  • Over-hanging on sides causing boxes to weaken
  • Boxes being stacked in a way that causes damages due to weight on the more fragile side


To resolve these issues it was recommended to brick stack boxes on the top and bottom layers only and stack them on top of each other equally, for the layers in-between. This not only gives the stacked pallet more stability, with less damages to the boxes, but also maximises the space allowing more boxes to fit on the pallet.


In order to demonstrate the best box configuration for stacking, Woodway made a bespoke sized miniature pallet with specially made boxes. This enabled the training to be conducted away from the noise and distraction of the operational area in a quite meeting room. The customer were so impressed by this method that they have started using it to train their staff.

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