Our Markets

We recognise that each business is different and one solution does not fit all. Our experienced team offer a number of products and services to help your operation:

  • Reduce Cost
  • Reduce Waste
  • Maximise Efficiencies
  • Reduce Damages
  • Enhance Brand

Woodway have worked with customers in the Automotive industry for a number of years and have gained insight into the unique packaging requirements for this sector. We supply a range of products suitable for heavy, oddly-shaped items such as engines as well as products for small but expensive parts and packaging to protect goods for export.

We understand that efficiency is vital and we offer our customers a range of automated equipment to improve efficiencies. Our team are trained in 5S and as part of our PackSupport service can evaluate your operations to find waste reduction opportunities.

They can also help design and install bespoke packing benches to increase operational efficiencies and productivity whilst reducing cost and waste.

Key products include:


  • Wide range of stock and bespoke cartons
  • Paper and airbag void fill
  • Layflat tubing
  • Postal Tubes
  • Polythene and minigrip bags
  • Anti-static products
  • Foam layer pads
  • Standard and pre-stretch film
  • Bubblewrap
  • Packing benches


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