Woodway UK have been shortlisted for two categories in the UK Packaging Awards. The Dulux tester pack was redesigned for XPO Logistics to hold 1, 2 or 3 testers and be small enough to fit through a letterbox.


The supporting pack had to fall within Royal Mail large letter sizing constraints of 25mm in height. This threw up challenges as the paint tester products themselves were 22mm in height. The new pack had to reduce environmental impact and costs and had to improve productivity.


Woodway UK’s Technical Team began by reviewing the existing pack and identifying where waste could be removed. Microflute Kraft and recycled testliner material replaced the existing Kraft/Kraft outer material. The new pack featured an integral divider negating the use of the existing pack’s secondary PE coated white fitting. The new pack utilises 103% less material than the existing pack. The new pack is 75% faster to construct and is 100% recyclable and utilises 66% recycled material. It is a requirement for distribution that the pack is over-sealed in film to avoid spills in transit or delivery. By reducing the size of the outer pack the use of associated film dropped by 83%.


The old pack only functioned correctly if three tester units were fitted into it, so three testers were always sent to customers regardless of the amount requested. The new pack can accommodate 1,2 or 3 testers without losing performance or aesthetics. This reduces costs by not having to send out unrequested samples just to ensure the pack arrives safely. The new pack is also easy to open for end-users with an integrated opening strip.


The pack has been nominated for Corrugated: Online & Retail Goods and Resource Efficient Pack of the Year.