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There are many types of stretch wrap film each with qualities that are suitable in addressing the specific needs of your wrapping operation e.g. load size and type, performance requirements and budget. At Woodway we stock a large selection of film to cover all your requirements and can advise on the most suitable product for your needs.

Pre-stretch film is a popular product which is composed of three very fine layers of polymer and is pre-stretched during production. This means that when the wrap is applied around a large product the material won’t stretch under stress keeping the item secure on the pallet during transit. Because it has no solid core it also reduces the CO2 footprint by approximately 0.2kg per roll.

Key benefits of pre-stretch include:

  • Easier to apply reducing worker strain
  • Material doesn’t stick to itself reducing waste from tangling during application
  • Reduced waste = reduced cost
  • Coreless reducing packaging waste and reduced CO2

In addition to standard and pre-stretch machine films, Woodway also supply a range of hand films as well as the dispensers and machines to suit.

Gas Shrink System

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