PackRate® is a trademark of Woodway UK Ltd. It is an independent online survey tool created to understand consumers’ view of packaging.

The survey is branded with your logo and contains links to your website ensuring synergy for the customer. The simple survey only takes a few minutes to complete and questions can be tailored to your operational and customer objectives. There is also the facility for consumers to upload a photo of their packaging, helping identify specific issues.

Regular reporting identifies trends enabling a quick response if necessary to packaging issues. Our in-house Technical Services Team also review the data to offer suggestions and solutions to improve customer experience.



  • The information provided by consumers is used to highlight areas of concern in packaging, including damages and environmental impact
  • Ongoing data enabling quick response and review
  • Data collected from different retailers is used to produce industry-wide white papers
  • These insights are used to help retailers develop a packaging strategy that is aligned with their own customers’ expectations

PackRate® Testimonial

“PackRate® is the best tool I’ve seen to gauge people’s opinions on packaging in real time whilst also having the ability to promote our environmental credentials and educate customers on related topics. I’ve been pleasantly surprised so many M&S customers are willing to share their views on packaging (good and bad) and excited by the prospect of getting this information from a wider audience, when other retailers join the site. I’m also anticipating being able to mine the longer term data trends in a way which informs our packaging strategy to enhance our brand, deliver real benefit for General Merchandise and delight our customers.” Roger Wright, Head of Technical Packaging, General Merchandise, Marks and Spencer 

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