Packaging automation can take the form of simple semi automatic box erectors and tape sealers, to a fully automatic customised integration. The key is choosing the right partner, understanding the brief, and determining proof of concept.

Box erectors

tape sealers


Full Integrated
Packing Line

Automated bagging

Pallet wrappers

Voidfill hoppers

Right Sized

Benefits of packaging automation

• Improve productivity and reduce total cost of ownership
• Reduce material and waste to lower your environmental impact
• Lower transport costs
• Optimise your packaging range
• Develop your customer experience

Automation Support

Working with all leading equipment manufacturers and integrators, we provide impartial advice, business modelling, and independent verification in selecting the best automation options for your business.

Project delivery

Our experienced technical team will manage your project from concept through to completion. We will design the integration, support testing, develop the consumables and provide service knowledge, that will ensure the project is delivered within agreed timescales.